Zappiness and BiodanZa

There is a way to reveal
that we are all born enlighted.
This way I know is a dance
that makes us express the shining.
Thus more and more every day
our lives are appealed to let spread
the very dance of life.

Zappiness - (the appetizer)

My name is Stan, I am a french facilitator. Zappiness is the fruit of a loving discovery of the music that surrounds and extends the vast repertoire of Biodanza, inspiring a delicate blend of the rich heritage of the world's musics from all eras in the intent of structuring a fluid and spontaneous dance.

Each set of 25mn melodically connects 25 fragments of ethnic, classical, latin, celtic, pop or jazz music. The whole forms a unity that encourages fluidity, vocalization and inner light. Before each set, short instructions are given to help start the flow. 

Listening to oneself and to others predisposes us to invite one or more individuals to join in a shared dance.

This dance meditation is conceived as a panoramic prologue to enter the ritual of Biodanza. It is also a Biodanz'art in its own way and if we are less than 6 dancers (which sometimes happens), we will link up to 3 Zappiness set, so there will be no cancellation of classes and we will dance... intensely.


BiodanZa - (the best is yet to come)

In a world where everything is relative, humans are relational beings. The exercise of Biodanza is situated in the perspective of the encounter. Its task is to develop and nourish the links that unite to the self, the other and the world.

Starting from a structured and (decades long) tuned succession of exercises, always positive (but with the excitement of challenges), Biodanza stimulates and renews a great number of innate predispositions of the human being: the experience of the body, of intuition, the joy of being together, the presence, the alignment between what I feel, what I desire, what I say and what I do. Simple, joyful and evident elements that will progressively influence existential creativity through a blossoming identity. Everyone is different and it is a wonder to discover a growing appetite for life and new potentialities, to see negative symptoms fade away under the surge of vital energy reactivated by the desire for self-giving, the very source of which is the whole that we are.

Together, through a dance that becomes more exquisite each time, we leave the world of difficulties for a moment and give ourselves access to that which encompasses and exceeds us: the ineffable mystery of the cosmos that awaits in the spiral of our DNA, whispering in muffled tones and unceasingly the "I love you" that brought us into being.

Every Wednesday (Check here)

from 7.30 pm to 10 pm

at the Casa do Povo in Alcantarilha

Zappiness then Biodanza

Contribution 12€.

Just come !

Be the music, be the dance...

"Where the music dances the person, and so there is no person, only music...

Cosmic dance consist of the living interplay of all the forces present...

the human bio-system syntonizes with the cosmic bio-system.

This is the most powerful source of renovation and energising."  - Rolando Toro

 Être la musique, être la danse... un petit moment laisser tomber tout le reste et n'être que seulement le Tout.

Félix Alea Jacta Est

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